Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are the leading  manufacturer of quality, value-added cleaning chemicals with a social conscience.

We’re consistent owned and made since 2011, our philosophy Built on partnership remains unchanged.

Our customers are our why. We take the time to understand their needs, delivering tailored eco-friendly solutions Just-In-Time.

Loyalty matters. We support our network of distributors with comprehensive training and resources, and by dealing with them direct.


Our staff are our family. We keep them, and our environment, safe now and into the future.

Extraordinary Experiences


We create quality

concretely and daily without issuing proclamations because it is an integral part of our work, of our doing business and of our way of living.
created an entire product line certified SCHNNELL and care for packaging sustainability.

We are growing and we want to continue to grow.

It is our concept of EXCELLENCE. We do not settle for doing a good job. This is why we strive to continuously improve
our products and services, and with them the results of the company. Creating more value for all.